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January 11, 2013
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Why did it always happen to you? Why do you always end up in the worst situation? Right now, you felt like slapping a bitch. Who wouldn't? Right now you had to deal with your wired boy obsessed friend. She yapped and yapped about how cute and sweet and hot he was. But in reality. HE.WAS.A.DICK! And your buddy over here couldn't see that. She just thought you were jelly that she got a handsome boy before you. But right now you could care less what she thought. All you wanted to do was strangle her so that annoying voice that always had that stupid boys name coming out of. But alas (yeah I just used that word. Now deal with it. BITCH) you couldn't, cause who wanted to spend life in a grey cell? Right. NO.ONE! 

After 25 minutes of that crap you were able to leave. Thank the tap dancing man in the sky!!!!! Looking down to the white ground you smiled. 'Even though I had to spend an eternity with her. I'm starting to like today' you thought as snow crunched under your sneakers. You got bored and starting humming 'I can't decide' from the siccsor sisters then at the moment you just HAD to bump into someone. Hearing them fall to the ground you rushed to the cheery looking mans side.
"Sir! I'm so sorry! Let me help you up!" You cried grabbing ahold of his arm lightly
"Oh, poppet! It's quite okay! It was just an accident!" Even his tone fitted his cheery clothing. Accepting your help, he got off the ground and gave you a smile that matched the Cheshire cats completely. Being sort of creeped out, you thought It was quite adorable. "I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier but I'm Arthur." He told you with a smaller smile and a bow. You showed your own smile and a small curtsied. Arthur giggled and you continued with the introduction.
"I'm _________ it's nice to meet you Arthur." He giggled once more and waved a hand then placed it under his chin as if he as thinking hard.
"My. ________ what a beautiful name. I love how it just rolls off your tongue!" Arthur exclaimed causing you to go a light red color. "Oh! And you even blush the color of Christmas!" 'He saw that, oh crap!' 
"T-t-thank y-you Arthur." 
"We'll ________ I'd love to take you out for a cup of coffee and pastries! Would you give this man the pleasure of having the company a pretty lady like yourself?" He asked and you blushing a deeper shade of red you nodded. Filled with glee Arthur clapped his hands together and 'squee'ed. "Oh my! Thank you so much ________! We must go now!" He exclaimed excited and gave you his hand to hold with his own pink blush. You giggled and slowly placed your (favorite color) gloved hand on top of his pink gloved covered ones. 

After a few good 10 minutes you were at a house. 
"Arthur? Where are we?" You asked confused that he took you here instead of a Starbucks or something. 
"Well, you agreed to tea and pastries!" He answered 
"But were at a house. Usually when people say stuff like that they mean." You started and then used a fake mans voice for the next part, " oh well just go to a coffee shop or Rutters!" Arthur let a small laugh out.
"Oh silly poppet~! I make my own! This is my house!" He corrected you and tapped his finger on your cherry colored nose.
'Like Rudolph.' He thought while other things were going on in your head.
'Did he really just do that? Did,did he just bop meh nose?!' 
After that it was a little quiet till Arthur walked up to his house. Looking back he didn't see you behind him, "Oh!_________, dear! You can follow me silly!" He shouted and that made you jump and scamper towards his presence. Seeing that he was fiddling with a set of keys colored with splashes of pink, lavender, violet,neon blue and a light green color. He stuck the blue one in then pulled it out. He did the same with the lavender one. "Oh fudge! Which one was it again?" He thought out loud. You thinking he asked a question pointed to the pink one.
"M-maybe it's that one Arthur." He looked over to you and smiled gratefully. He put the key into the lock and turned it. When he opened the door it swange open.
"My!________! I can't believe you guessed right! Your such a smart cookie~!" That was it. You just sealed your fate with that little stunt. Now a certain Brit had to have you as his own. Even if you didn't want that.
"It was nothing! I saw your pink gloves so I thought that would be your favorite color. So I put two and two together." You said shrugging you hoodie covered shoulders.
"________! Your just wearing a thin hoodie! You should be wearing a thick jacket like myself!" Arthur exclaimed worried that you might catch a cold. "Come, come! Sit down by the fire place and give me that wet thing!" He half ordered half suggested you couldn't tell with his tone. But still you obeyed his rules pealing your outerwear and handing it to Arthur, then plopping down next to the warm blazing fire.
'Well she doesn't sit down like a proper lady but we'll work on that.' Arthur thought and smiled and your obedience.
"Thank you love." He said leaving you to get the snacks and to hang your jacket up. 
Of course the 'love' part was heard by your ears and you blushed a thousand shades of pink, red, and crimson. 
'Does that mean he......... No he's British! That's how they talk!' 

Arthur rushed down to the basement. "Alright, now keep calm dearer! I have a lady friend over for tea and cupcakes~! So you be quiet!" Artie ordered his prisoner. Well, he was quiet because Arthur cut his tongue out, but after hearing about his cupcakes and a 'lady friend' the unnamed man knew Arthur was brewing up trouble. The man trembled and tried to shout. But with out a tongue it was hard. Arthur giggled as he threw the piece of fabric into his washer. 
"I'm not going to hurt her. Women are treated different then men. Well not most~. But this ones a keeper! I just know she won't run away! __________ will be mine forever!" Artie ranted swinging a knife he always hid in his pocket around. Cue crazy laughing and done. With a 'cheerio' Arthur ran up stares to fix the treats. 

A few minutes later the sweet smell of frosting filled the air. 'Is that Arthur's cooking?' You questioned in your mind 'its really good!' Then the cheery man came in with a tray and a lavender sweater vest over a pink button up and a pair of khakis on. 
"Ahhhh~! My little cupcake! Here we go~." He sung out carefully setting down your plate in front of you. You looked up and smiled 
"Thank you so much for having me over Arthur." 
"No problem. Now taste my cooking. Please?" He asked wit oh the most adorable puppy dog face on. You nodded and picked the colorful cupcake up. Pulling the wrapper you took a bite that left only the right half still there. With wide eyes you look over to your new friend and smile 
"OHMAIGOSH!!!!! Arthur! These taste heavenly! Why don't you sell them?!?" You asked and rubbed your eyes suddenly dealing sleepy. 
"Oh _________, are you tired?" Arthur asked strolling over to you.
"Sort of but its nothing to worry over."
"That's crazy talk! Why don't you lay down and take a nap?" He offered patting the couch. You nodded and got up walking over to where he sat. You laid down and curled up into a mini human ball. "_______ why don't you lay your head on my lap? You'll be a lot comfortable." You were too tired and quite uncomfortable in this position. So why not? You laid you head down and Arthur sighed playing with your (hair length) (hair color) locks. Soon you fell asleep and Arthur chuckled lightly. 
"_______, poppet you wan to know why I don't sell my cupcakes?" He asked your sleeping form "because they're for certain, lovely people. Like yourself dear." He continued placing a small kiss on your forehead
Sooooooooooo:iconidontevenknowplz: yeah. I actually did this a while back in December when I spent the night at my grandmothers house. Right now I dont know what I want to do. Buuuutttt Im in the mood for a Homestuck story~. :iconeyebrowsplz:

Soooooooo I own nothing but the stroy.
You(c) :iconpervysolluxplz:

:iconsobergamzeeplz: DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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